Step By Step Process on How to Create Avant- Garde Nails using DND DC Dipping Powder

In the last couple of years a new improvement of nails has come in the fashion world and that is the nail dipping powder. A revolution that is, DND DC dip powder color is a trend that will end the era of gel manicures and acrylic nail polish. DND is a nail polish manufacturing giant that pioneered the rise of dip powder nails in the manicure industry. A healthier alternative to the traditional gel and acrylic, Daisy Nail Designs (DND) offers unique sets of high quality powder nails that you can apply even on your own.

Compared to acrylic and gel polishes, nail dipping powder applies half the time and does not required exposure to a UV Led Light. It also outlast the conventional polish and does not cause damage to the nail bed. Why is that? Because they do not contain toxic formaldehyde that can be found with the acrylic and gel polishes that we have come to love.

Benefits of DND Nail Dipping Powder

Long Lasting while keeping the nails strong

One of the most famous benefit of nail dip powder is the fact that they last longer than other type of nail polishes. DND is one of those products that have higher longevity compared to others.

No Risk of Nail Damage

DND dipping powder eliminates the need to use artificial nails because it can be applied directly on natural nails. The extra layer of protection it offers is what makes it stronger so the chance for nail breakage is very slim.

Healthy and Safe for the nails

Regular nail polish contains toxic materials that is bad for our health. DND gel nail polish are fortified with vitamins and calcium that keeps the nail bed safe.

Easy to Apply and Remove

DND nail dip powder is very easy to apply that it can be done at the comfort of your own home in lesser time. As easy it is to apply, it is also natural to remove.

How to Apply DND Nail Dipping Powder

If you want to get the best result from your DND Nail Dipping Powder, simply follow these instructions.

If you have used a nail dipping powder before, you may notice that DND is different when it comes to using and application.

Step 1: Prepare your nails by cleaning and sanitizing it thoroughly. Create a smooth surface on your nail by using a manicure block or nail file. Do this to remove any cuticle oils in your nail that could prevent the powder from applying.

Step 2: To make the nail bed for application, use the DND Bonder.

Step 3: Apply the base gel as a first coat then dip it in the color powder. Make sure that your nail is emerge completely in the jar for even coverage. Brush out any excess powder back in the container after dipping. (Loose Brush is the perfect tool to use.)

Step 4: Apply second coat by dipping the nail in the color then apply a thin coat of base gel again before dipping it into the DND Natural Clear.

Step 5: Smear the DND Activator on the nails and let it dry completely.

Step 6: Shape your nails according to your reference and clean it using alcohol afterwards.

Step 7: Apply gel again for gloss but you can also leave it as it is if you don’t want to be too flashy. But either way, your nails will look like a million dollar bucks.

This holiday season, your schedule will be surely busy and if you want to save time worrying about your nails, using nail dipping powder is the best solution for that. One reason why you should try DND nail dipping powder is the fact that it is produced by a giant and renowned manicure industry company who are known for the consistency of their manicure products. You can spend the rest of the holiday season without worrying about having cracked or chipped nails in the middle of a party. If you are looking for the best nail dipping powder to try, DND DC Dip Powder is the one that is ideal for you. You will never regret purchasing this because it is worth every penny.