Follow This Makeup Routine – No One Will Know You Have Textured Skin

Flawless skin is everyone’s choice, and there are issues like textured skin that affect the flawless look. The texture is hard to hide with makeup and requires exclusive products designed for the bumpy skin. Speaking of textured skin foundation application, it requires selected products.

textured skin foundation

The roughness and large pores do not sit well with only all makeup products, and the texture still shows through snatching the flawless look you are trying to achieve. If you have oily skin on top of that, then it can be easily managed using designated setting powder for oily skin for oil management. So, it’s time that you try the below routine that makes your woes with the not so smooth skin vanish.

Steps for Applying Foundation for Textured Skin to Look Smooth:

  • Apply serum to prep-up your skin
  • Follow up with a moisturizer
  • Then apply smoothing primer
  • Finally, the base

You will enjoy smooth, flawless skin as the above process covers the texture effectively. What does each of them do to make your skin look flawless? Let us see.

Serum: Serum adds life to your skin. It locks in the moisture and creates a barrier so that the skin stays healthy.

Moisturizer:  It adds moisture and makes the skin soft, easing the roughness of the skin, making it more receiving.

Primer: Primer helps to fill in the gaps in the skin that make it look textured, forming a smooth base for the foundation.

Base: This is an optional step, and you can go for a foundation without this step. But if you need to apply concealer and like products, then this is the time.

Now comes the next challenge, which foundation should you choose? Full coverage and matte foundations are simply not suitable as a textured skin foundation and make you look patchier. Smoothing foundations or pore refining foundations should be your go-to products.

Essential Things to Keep in Mind During and after the Application of Makeup

Following the below process keeps your efforts fruitful and achieves good looking results.

Thin Layering

The application of the foundation does make a huge difference even if you are using the proper products. Remember to apply all the layers thinly while adding a base and similarly the foundation also. You might be tempted to add thick layers thinking it will provide excellent coverage, but that is a misconception, and it will give the reverse effect.


After applying the foundation as a thin layer over the well-prepared base, there will be areas that require more attention. You just need to address those areas only and no need to work on whole skin. And while applying for workup, do it by patting the area and not by buffing or rubbing the product. Because rubbing or patting does not sit well with flaky skin, and the product tends to settle at some places, causing awkward patches that stand out.


Setting the makeup after you are done is a crucial step as it keeps the makeup intact for an extended period. You do it by using a sponge, which is damp and the translucent setting powder. Dip the sponge in the powder and press it firmly into the skin and again, no rubbing. You can also use a gentle fluffy makeup brush to pat the setting powder on.  The translucent setting powder keeps your makeup looking fresh for the day. For oily skin, choose the translucent powder for oily skin that helps you from ruining the makeup due to oil seeping up your pores.

After having the right products and a little practice, you will notice the considerable difference in your looks. Achieving flawless skin is not a dream for you, and you can have that smooth and good-looking skin every time.