Stop Winter Itch

Dry air indoors dehydrates the skin. Temperature extremes contribute to the moisture loss. Before you know it, you’re suffering from the seasonal malady called winter itch. Should you happen to be prone to eczema, it’s likely to be even worse.

So how can you stop itching so much in the wintertime? Moisturizer alone isn’t likely to solve the problem. So let’s discuss the best solutions for curing winter itch.

First, if your skin looks red, dry, and scaly, it may be eczema or atopic dermatitis. In that case, you need to eliminate triggers, not just rehydrate your skin.

Check your environment for allergens. Switch to fragrance-free soaps and lotions. Then be sure to apply plenty of moisturizer throughout the day. Put travel size tubes in your purse, in the car, and so forth.

Next, here are some other tips to heal dry skin. Let’s begin with what you can do right now to feel better in 10 minutes or less.

body butter

A the10-minute miracle to fix dry skin

Gather up a poof or a washcloth, moisturizing body wash, and body butter or creamy lotion. Take a brief shower in warm water (not hot) and use the poof to exfoliate your body. Be gentle, but thorough.


Our Story

“MADE BY” concept is to bring about a clothing line where we can practicetransparency to our Earth also to our Artisans who make the clothes and raisestandard of living for these talented individuals.

Made by… is a boho – global gypsy meets jet set spirit (with out breaking yourbank) collection that is made by the local Artisans of Peru and India.At Made By… a profound gratitude for our Nature and our people frames ourwork. We are dedicated to practice fair trade. Made By… supports happy andhealthy work environments free from forced labor.

Designer Semera chooses Eco friendly materials and uses natural colors that iscarefully dyed with organic colorants which are found in the minerals andplants.

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About the Designer:

Semera was born and raised in Istanbul – Turkey. Most of her childhoodwas spend helping her mother Sema, bead couture garments. Semera oftendescribes her childhood as “I grew up picking up beads and sequins off thefloor!”

After coming to USA at the age of 14, Semera already knew her destiny wouldbe in fashion. At the age of 17 she had her first fashion show in Charleston SC,where she lived then. Her designs were sold to local boutiques all aroundsouthern states like SC, GA, FL.

Semera attended FIT in 1998 and graduated in 2002. She interned withdesigners such as Chynthia Rowley, Jill Stuart, Marc Jacobs, and she worked forbrands such as BCBG, Betsey Johnson and Free People.

One of Semera’s passion is to travel…. She is a boho nomad at heart, alwayshave her bag ready to go somewhere new, interesting and wild…. discoveringnew cultures and traditions…. live with locals and move around the countrieslike a gypsy.

An other Semera’s important passion is to help and provide to those who are inneed. She volunteered with various non profit organizations such as “MercyShip”, “Charity: Water” and various homeless shelters around the states. Helpingto provide food, health care and shelter.

Now, at last Semera has emerged with her own collection that’s a naturalextension of her personal life. The result is “MADE BY…”:a true fair-trade brand for women who travel – or dream of traveling to exoticdestinations and who enjoy lifestyle that is a bit lux at the same time bohemiangypsy.